Twilight Love

A/N: The following piece is a sestina, and a parody of Twilight. If you’re a twilight fan, I suggest you skip it. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t know I was obsessed.

But he was worth my obsession, my statue of marble.

He was everything pure, and perfect, and golden.

And I could dream of was his smouldering eyes.

From the first time I saw him I knew this was no shallow love.

This was the love of Romeo and Juliet, a love, which would inevitable lead to blood.

And it would be worth it even as he spilled my blood.

For what was I if I couldn’t be in a love obsessed?

No, death was nothing compared to losing my love.

My God of Beauty, my Adonis of marble.

With melted amber captured and set as glowing eyes.

So my eyes so dull would meet a gaze so golden.

I sighed at this thought of his eyes; golden.

This sight alone would surely be worth all my heart’s blood?

Yes, it was all it took; a single glance from his eyes.

A single glance from those eyes and I was a girl obsessed.

And then he took me in his arms of marble.

And I was lost, I was drowning, I was desperately in love.

And what a burning, passionate kind of love!

A love so deep, so truth, so sinister, yet golden.

A love born from the harsh movement of his skin of marble.

A love born from the craving in his eyes for my blood.

A love, which I knew I couldn’t withhold, I was obsessed,

A love, which was founded with one look from those piercing eyes.

Oh, how I fantasized for hours about those eyes!

Though not a thousandth part as long as I fantasized of his love!

How truly remarkable it is to be in love, to be obsessed!

A feeling, so dark and frightening, but lined golden.

I knew his passion for me was burning as well, this passion for my blood.

And I did not care what that passion was for, when he took me in his arms of marble.

So harsh, so rough, that feeling of stone and marble!

As harsh and rough as I sometimes saw his eyes.

So harsh, so rough, so animalistic as he craved to spill my blood.

That wonderful feeling of gasping for air as I drowned in his eyes!

Drowning, dying under waves of a sea; a deep golden.

Oh, wonderful feeling, wonderful feeling of being obsessed!

For I was as obsessed with marble skin, golden eyes and love as he was obsessed with my blood.

My Edward. His Bella.

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