Hating Great Books

There are some novels that are celebrated worldwide.

These are the books that people generally just agree are great. Hell, some of them even has the word great in the title! Books such as Pride and Prejudice, the Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet.

These are the classics that are being remembered far beyond the death of their author. These are the immortal words.

And there´s some of them, that you just won´t find so terribly good.

Hell, you might even think that they suck.

It´s okay. I feel the same way. Now, don´t get me wrong. Pride and Prejudice are one of my personal favourites, and I practically swallowed the Picture of Dorian Gray. It didn´t matter that there were centuries old, for they are still just as entertaining today as they were the day they were written.

Others have been a disappointment. And apparently that´s not allowed. At least not by all. It´s not acceptable for the sophisticated, well-read lady (though sophisticated isn´t really a word I´d use to describe myself) to dislike 1984 or Brave New World.

But I still did.

It´s not that I can´t see their selling points, and from a purely dystopian point-of-view, they are a fascinating read. A clever look into where our society might be heading. At least if you´re in a particularly pessimistic mood.

They were interesting. They were thought-provoking. They were even clever.

I just didn´t find them entertaining. Instead, I had to struggle my way through Brave New World, and I didn´t even finish 1984. There were other books, more entertaining books, that beckoned in its place. And plenty of books are entertaining and educational at the same time.

Just look at Sapiens. It´s a history book describing all of human history (in some relatively broad terms), and yet I couldn´t put it down. If my history teacher back in middle school had prescribed Sapiens, I probably would have paid more attention.

There are countless of great books out there. Books that well-read people generally agree are masterpieces, and the truth is that there are some of them that you´re just not going to like.

And that´s okay.

Liking a book is subjective. You´re not wrong for disliking a Great American Novel or liking a book most other people consider trash. People can´t tell you what to like. So ignore them and read the books you actually enjoy.

And be okay with disliking the ones you didn´t.

However much of a masterpiece they´re supposed to be.

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