Welcome to Mariasjostrand.com!

This is a website filled with free stories and essays. It’s purely meant for you readers to enjoy, and there will be a new post up and running every Friday. I used to post it noon – Danish time – but as I’ve just gotten work as a bartender this will no longer be possible. I will, however, still post on Fridays.

I’m currently a member of the South Gate of Society School of Creative Writing, where I’m taking my degree, so a lot of what you’ll be reading will be promts from my classes.

So look forward to the upcoming Friday!

8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for visiting me and your kind comments. My daughter is working in Denmark at the moment and did Creative writing and Literature for her degree. She says I suffer from Enteritis – one word may be two then press Enter! I am also enjoying reading your pieces but have promised myself not to get too hooked into WP again as it takes all my time!!!

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