Insanely Attractive or Frightening & Repulsive


Today’s update was a challenge from school! Describe someone as Insanely Attractive, and Frightening and Repulsive. If you have any thought of the main character or the story in general, please don’t hesitate to comment! Enjoy! 😉

Amanda was currently doing one of her most favourite things in the world. People watching. She had always been a shy girl, who didn’t find it easy to talk to strangers, but she loved to watch. It was her hobby, however weird some might find it. And it wasn’t like there wasn’t others like her.

Amanda divided people into two groups. Doers and watchers. Thankfully there was most doers. Made it more exciting for watchers like her.

So as she was pretending to read the book, which she had brought for this exact purpose, she let her eyes wander; trying to find that person, who for some reason stood out. The park was as always full of people, and there were plenty of subjects to choose from.

Today’s subject was an older woman with kind eyes. Amanda hid a smile behind her book. The person had to be a grandmother, she was sure. She just had that something about her. Like she radiated kindness.

She was an elderly woman, in her fifties or sixties, with a fine web of wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. Her hair was surely supposed to be grey, but in a fit of youth and playfulness she had coloured it a warm blonde with a glowing undertone.

She was smiling, as Amanda knew the woman must be doing most of the time. Despite her age her skin was glowing as a young woman’s, and Amanda considered the kind of adventurous life this woman must be leading.

She probably travelled a lot. She’d definitely seen more of the world than Amanda had even dreamed of. An artist too. A painter or a sculptress, who loved to teach her craft to her many adored grandchildren. Perhaps she was even a dancer. A playful dance. Zumba, perhaps. She had that certain energy about her.

A kind woman. This much Amanda knew. The kind of woman that any person would be lucky to have in their life.

Amanda glanced down in her book with a smile, which promptly disappeared as her eyes returned to her surroundings. Not far from Amanda was a woman, who was the exact opposite of the kind woman from before. Where she had radiated the kindness and grace suited for a princess or a queen, this woman was more suited for the role as the witch.

Amanda scowled in her direction. What an unpleasant person. She looked like a witch. Amanda snorted scornfully. The woman even had a witch’s hooked nose.

Despite her age, her skin was just a tad too smooth. Probably botox. Why couldn’t some people just age with grace? It was shameful. Didn’t she know how stupid the smoothness of her forehead looked combined with the crows feet around her eyes? Guess she couldn’t fight them off despite her best effort. Amanda smirked at this thought.

The natural change of the hair had been fought as well, rather than just accepting nature. It should have been grey, but she had coloured it a hideous reddish blonde. Couldn’t she at least had picked a more natural, subdued colour? Like brown. That wouldn’t have looked half as desperate.

The woman’s eyes were small and apparently always squinted together. She was probably never satisfied with anything. Amanda felt sorry for whoever was stuck with a woman like that. A harpy for sure.

Her lips were thin, and her mouth too wide. She even had the wickedness of a witch’s grin. If Amanda wasn’t too old to believe in fairy tales, she would have thought the woman a witch, whose preferred diet was little babies.

But even without the aid of magic, the person was unpleasant to say the least. You could just see it in the way she squinted her eyes at everyone who walked past her. In the falseness in her smile. Didn’t she know people could see it was fake? Didn’t she know they could see the scorn in her eyes?

With a shake of her head, Amanda slowly stood up.

Some people could just be so judgemental.

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