Loved By Death; Chapter 24

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It would have been nice to say that everything after that just worked itself out. But though Persephone had realised that her mother brought her far more misery than joy she found herself unable to truly cut her out of her life. Demeter was, after all, still her mother.

Still, she visited her mother less than ever, and found herself actually looking forward to returning to the Underworld. Primarily because it would mean several months away from Demeter, and partly because of the time she would get to spend with Hades.

Persephone wished that she could say that her and Hermes were friends again, but they weren’t – or perhaps they were, but not in the way they’d been before. She suspected that it would take quite a while to trust him completely once again, but none of the other gods were talking about them, so he had at least held his promise to only pretend in front of Demeter.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 23

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Taking a deep breath, Persephone sent Hermes a nervous smile.

“Ready?” she asked, and Hermes grinned at her, completely at ease – unlike Persephone.

“Ready,” he said, before opening the door to Demeter’s cottage with a somewhat overly dramatic gesture.

Demeter looked up as they entered, looking pleased to see them.

“Kore, darling! I haven’t seen you in forever!” It had been less than a week. “And Hermes! You are, of course, always welcome.”

Hermes grinned at her, walking to a nearby table and sitting down without being invited to. He seemed completely at home.

“We have some news,” he said, clearly enjoying the situation far too much.

“Indeed?” Demeter sounded just as eager, and Persephone forced down her annoyance, still not having forgiven her mother for being willing to break her daughter’s heart just because she disapproved of her husband.

“We’re together,” Hermes said. “Not officially of course, what with that little detail with Hades. So it really should stay just between us. Persephone insisted.”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 22

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Looking at her husband with curious eyes, Persephone wondered if he had truly changed or if it was merely her perspective of him that had. But Hades did appear more relaxed as he was sitting in front of the fire in her room, having just finished dinner with her. His eyes were partly closed and a little smile was playing on his lips. He seemed happy, and Persephone couldn’t recall him ever looking like that during her months underground.

“You look happy,” she said, stating her thoughts, and Hades lazily opened his eyes to look at her.

“I am happy,” he said.

“But you didn’t use to be,” she wondered out loud, because he’d always seemed so tense, so in control.

“My wife used to hate me,” he said as an answer, and Persephone gaped at him, not having realised that perhaps her changed attitude was what had changed his mood.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 21

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Deciding to get revenge over someone and actually getting it quickly proved to be two vastly different things. Persephone decided to start by figuring out exactly how long Hermes was going to take this charade, and so she invited him to dinner.

They’d had eaten together before, and Persephone had until now thought they they’d had a good time together. They’d joked around, and it hurt to have realised that Hermes had only viewed their time together as a means to an end. Today’s dinner, however, was going to be different.

Preparing for it took far longer than Persephone had anticipated, and she wondered how Aphrodite did this sort of thing on a regular basis. At least she assumed that the older goddess did such things for Ares. Dinner was sent for and candles were lit until Persephone felt that it was a sufficiently seducing atmosphere for what she had planned. She dressed in a red dress with a deep cut, and lined her eyes with Kohl. Though Hermes had made her feel like a little girl, she would never let him know it.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 20

Walking to her mother’s cottage, Persephone found herself smiling, lost in pleasant thoughts of touches and kisses. She didn’t notice the butterflies nor the flowers, both of which multiplied in numbers the closer she got her mother’s home. Why notice a garden that she already knew as intimately as she possibly could? There wasn’t a square feet of ground that her mother hadn’t made her weed back when she still lived at home.

And it wasn’t like it’d been necessary. A couple of whispered words to the ground, and there wouldn’t grow a single plant that they had not allowed there. But apparently weeding kept young girls from thinking bad thoughts. At least that was the explanation that she’d gotten from her mother. Persephone rather thought that she’d just recently learned exactly what kind of bad thoughts her mother had tried to avoid.

Persephone herself hadn’t done any gardening in weeks. It wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy it, but now she had books, and she had gossip and fun and Hades. None of which were things that her mother would have allowed if only she’d been capable of forbidding them.

Nowadays Persephone did an awful lot of things that she didn’t use to be allowed to do. Such as kissing. Blushing, Persephone wondered how kissing could have felt so awful with Ares and yet so very, very nice with Hades.

Her life was good, she decided as she closed her eyes to better enjoy the sun‘s gentle touch on her face. Her husband adored her, she only saw her mother a couple of times a week, and she had found a truly good and scandalous friend in Hermes. Life was good.

“You’ve made no progress whatsoever!”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 19

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“Because I’m trying to figure out if you’re hard or not!”

Hades stared at her, and Persephone could feel the seconds ticking away. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

“What?” he finally whispered, and Persephone cringed. It seemed like she was about to have the most awkward conversation of a lifetime.

“I meant… I was just…. I’d heard,” she stammered, looking anywhere but in his eyes.

“You had heard what?”

“That you’re dead. In the from-the-waist-down kind of way.” Never before had Persephone been so fascinated by the ground between her feet.

“And you wanted to… check?”

Persephone merely nodded, too embarrassed to speak.

“I… see.”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 18

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“You seem to be in a good mood,” Hermes noted one afternoon.

Persephone grinned at him. “Oh, you know. It’s just such a beautiful day. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining!”

“So it’s because of the birds and the sunshine?” Hermes seemed unconvinced.

“What else would it be about?”

“Well, considering you hardly go more than a few seconds before checking yourself in the mirror, I’d say that it has something to do with a certain dead god and your date later tonight.”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 17

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Her mother had always told Persephone that it was easier to be rational after a good night’s sleep. As Demeter never had followed this advice herself, Persephone hadn’t thought much about it, but she came to realise that her mother had been correct.

I don’t want you to see him.

That was what Hades had said, and the memory of it still infuriated Persephone. She already had one mother trying to decide whom she could be friends with, so she certainly didn’t need another.

But still.

After a good night’s of sleep, Persephone came to realise that Hades’ wasn’t completely irrational. The male gods weren’t exactly known for wanting to be friends with the female ones. When she thought about it, Persephone couldn’t think of a single male and female god who were friends. Well, not counting Apollo and Artemis, but they were twins so it didn’t really count. Besides then they weren’t really friends.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 16

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Persephone wished that she’d been surprised by how nice it was that her mother had been banished. She felt guilty for the thought, but it didn’t change the fact that she experienced almost complete and utter freedom whenever she was at Mount Olympus. Sure, her mother invited her daily, but scared of being tricked into moving back home, Persephone only accepted her invitation three times a week or so. Demeter took it surprisingly well.

To her surprise, Hermes seemed to genuinely enjoy her company, and often visited her at Mount Olympus – not as often as her mother would have done, thank Zeus, but often enough. Persephone liked his company in return. He provided her with the most scandalous conversation she’d ever heard, and it wasn’t long before Persephone viewed him as a friend. Her first friend really. All the friends of her childhood had been carefully chosen by Demeter, and it hadn’t taken long for Persephone to realise that they would run to her mother with every little secret she told them. She’d stopped telling them rather quickly.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 15

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Persephone found herself unsurprised when she’d learned about her mother’s banishment. Truthfully speaking she actually thought that her mother had gotten off rather easily considering that she’d accused one of the three grand rulers.

At part of Persephone even thought that perhaps her mother had gotten off too easily. It had just been such a horrible thing to do!

Persephone had been so angry that she’d at first even refused to accept Demeter’s invitation for lunch. Her refusal had promptly been met with a second letter, which had brought tears to her eyes. Her mother wrote about the nightmares that she’d suffered when Persephone had been away, she’d written how it hurt her to her very core to see her own daughter turn against her, and she’d written how she would surely wilt away to nothing if she lost Persephone’s love. Persephone had given in and accepted the invitation, which was how she was currently finding herself sitting at the dining table that she remembered from her childhood.

“A bit more fruit, dear?” Demeter asked her kindly, and Persephone nodded willingly, accepting the offered strawberries.

“Thank you, mother,” she said absent-mindedly, unable to stop thinking about her earlier meeting with Hades. It seemed like they had talked for hours about nothing and everything. When he’d learned that she wished that she was more well-read, he’d even suggested some works that he thought she might like. And immediately hereafter offered to lend them to her. But despite the fact that she was so clearly less experienced than him in just about every corner of life, he had still seemed so honestly interested in every opinion that she’d dared to share. It’d been… nice. She still found herself unable to completely forget the kiss they’d shared. That’d been nice too.

The sound of someone knocking forced her out of her daydreaming, and Persephone could only stare at the door in shock. Nobody ever visited here unless invited. Demeter had made sure of that centuries ago.

“Be a dear and open the door, Kore, will you?”

Persephone pulled herself out of her stupor. “Of course mother,” she said automatically and went to the door to find Hermes of all gods on the other side.

“Hermes!” she exclaimed. “Whatever are you doing here?”

Hermes grinned sheepishly at her, looking rather like a small child who’d been caught with his hand still in the cookie jar. “Well, to be completely honest I’ve come to apologise,” he said. “I admit, it’s rather late to do so, and I’ll admit I’ve been rather embarrassed by my own behaviour. Haven’t wanted to face you to say the truth.”

“Embarrassed?” Persephone repeated incomprehensibly, finding it the last word she’d ever connect with the mischievous god.

“Well, yes, apologies don’t come easy to me. I hope you’ll forgive me?”

“Of course,” she answered confusedly. “I just don’t understand what you’re apologising for.”

“Well, you see, I was the one Zeus send in order to bring you home and all. And well, when Hades demanded a last goodbye, I didn’t refuse him. Which I probably should have had. Get what I’m saying? I can’t help but think that if I have, he wouldn’t have had an opportunity to force you to eat the pomegranate, and you’d be free of him forever. So I want to tell you I’m sorry.”

“I… see,” Persephone said slowly, unable to decipher what she was feeling. She supposed that Hermes did have a point, but he couldn’t possibly have known what would happen. Not to mention that seven months underground didn’t seem as awful as it once had. “I forgive you,” she finally said, because she didn’t know what else she could say.

Hermes grinned at her, clearly pleased beyond measure, and Persephone couldn’t help but notice that he had a nice smile. Open and free. Unlike Hades’, which always seemed oddly private and secretive. It wasn’t however Hermes’ smile that made her stomach clench uncomfortably.

“I guess these are overkill then?” Hermes asked jokingly, handing her a bouquet of periwinkles.

“Oh, no – not at all. They were my favourite flowers as a child,” Persephone assured him, accepting them with a kind smile. “I’ll just find some water to put them in.”

“Invite him in,” Demeter’s voice sounded behind her. Persephone gaped at her. She couldn’t in her wildest dreams had imagined Demeter willingly allow a man into her sacred home. And while Persephone was present no less!

“Of course, mother,” she said, turning back to Hermes. “If you want to of course,” she added quickly.

Hermes grinned easily. “No, thank you,” he said. “I’m afraid I must get going. But perhaps you’ll follow me a bit of the way?”

Persephone fidgeted nervously. “I’m afraid that mother won’t allow that,” she admitted embarrassingly. Somehow it was harder to go against Demeter while in her childhood home.

“No, you go along with him,” Demeter said to her great shock.


“Go with him. It’ll be impolite to just let him travel alone. But take a shawl with you. It’s chilly outside.”

The last comment was so very Demeter that the rest of the sentence seemed even more misplaced than it already was. But perhaps her mother was trying to make up for her earlier accusation against Hades. Persephone had made it clear to her that she was displeased. Yes, that was probably it. Demeter wanted her forgiveness back and was willing to allow her a bit more freedom in return.

Relieved that she once again understood the world, Persephone obediently found a shawl and followed Hermes out the front door.

“I hope I wasn’t disturbing,” Hermes said after a short while.

“No, not at all,” Persephone assured him. “I actually wanted to go for a walk.”

“Well, why didn’t you though?”

Persephone blushed. “Mother wouldn’t allow it,” she admitted. “Not alone at least. And when I’m visiting it’s just kind of easier to… well, you know.”

“Let her get her way?” Hermes grinned. “I imagine so. I suppose there’s a whole lot of things Demeter won’t allow you to do. Fun things as well, I’ll bet.”

“Yes,” Persephone said slowly, beginning to feel suspicious. Did he want something that he supposed that Demeter would be against?

“Such as gossip?” Hermes suggested.

Persephone stopped. “Gossip?”

Hermes nodded. “Demeter has always been very against it,” he told her. “Says that peoples’ lives are private. But gossip is just so very thrilling. Would you like to hear some?”

Persephone hesitated. Demeter had tried to teach her that gossip was only harmful, but Persephone had lived a whole life unable to hear most of the otherwise poorly hid secrets that everybody else seemed to share. She’d always felt outside, hearing about stuff centuries after the other gods. She’d been jealous, and there was something wonderfully scandalous about the idea.

“Yes,” she said. “I do. Do you have any?”

Hermes’ eyes twinkled merrily. “Do I have any?!” he exclaimed, sounding positively insulted. “Why, nobody has as much gossip as me in any of the many worlds! By Zeus, you wouldn’t believe half of what I have to share! Which is ironic because almost half of it is indeed about Zeus! I’ve got scandalous stories that’ll make you blush to your toes!”

“Really?” Persephone asked, unable to mask the excitement in her voice. It was thrilling to have someone letting her in on the secrets. She’d never had someone do that before.

“I swear,” Hermes solemnly promised, before he lowered his voice and told Persephone some of the most scandalous and immoral tales she’d ever heard.

She loved every single one of them.