Pride and Prejudice

A miss Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy were to be married; yet no one knew the bride.

But the groom had learned not to care as he stared into the lively eyes of his bride.

Caused by her equally lively temperament and slight impertinence, he was sure.

Darcy wondered if he’d ever stop adoring those eyes.

Elizabeth, called Lizzie, was equally indifferent to the whispers of society.

Forbidden from marrying him by his aunt, she’d refused to bend as asked.

Glad couldn’t begin to describe the euphoria she felt over this moment of the past.

Her happiness had indeed been heavily invested in during that impertinent conversation.

In a few months time they were married, and Darcy had never been happier than when he said I Do.

Just half a year before, he’d been devastatingly in love, convinced of the hate of his adoration.

Keep being thankful, his wife told him with laughing eyes and a gentle kiss.

Love could fade, but gratitude so rarely does.

Maybe he’d been wrong all along, he one day admitted to her, and she couldn’t refrain from teasing.

No, maybe isn’t enough, she tells him. They’d both been wrong, so utterly completely wrong.

Overcome with pride, overcome with prejudice, ignoring love as it entered their lives.

Perhaps so, he said, but if you could; would you really have changed anything at all?

Questions upon question; he didn’t think he’d ever spend an hour with his wife without questions.

Rise above the annoyance, she told him; and then answer them with patience.

She couldn’t possible know annoyance was the very last thing on his mind when she asked.

Truthfully, he’d look at the curiosity shining in every angle of her face, and he’d fall in love again.

Ugly; he’d once called her, or at least not handsome enough to tempt him.

Very likely the least honest thing he’d ever said; would ever say in what remained of his life.

Worry not, for I found you both disagreeable and brooding, she tells him and looks back down.

Xander; their first son is resting peacefully in her arms, every so often yawning in his sleep.

You’re the best thing that ever walked into my life, he tells her often. He’ll look down and smile.

Zachary and Xander, sleeping peacefully, for now, in his wife’s arms. His impertinent wife.

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