Halloween Special, 2015!


Hi everyone! Here’s a holiday special for all you guys! Just in case you want to get into the right halloween mood! So enjoy, and look forward to Christmas, which will have a far more humorous tone 🙂


The hallway was dark and silent as Molly slowly made her way through it. She’d had the most horrendous nightmare. Probably because of the mountains of sweets she’d consumed despite her fathers teasing that she was really getting too old to use Halloween as an excuse. She’d merely stuck her tongue out and told him sixteen was hardly old. She’d eat as many sweets as she pleased.

Now, however, she regretted doing so. She had trouble shaking the nightmare off, and discovering the light had gone out hadn’t helped. It was with a baited breath she felt her way through the hallway; a sigh of relief escaping as she finally made it to the safety of the kitchen.

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Insanely Attractive or Frightening & Repulsive


Today’s update was a challenge from school! Describe someone as Insanely Attractive, and Frightening and Repulsive. If you have any thought of the main character or the story in general, please don’t hesitate to comment! Enjoy! 😉

Amanda was currently doing one of her most favourite things in the world. People watching. She had always been a shy girl, who didn’t find it easy to talk to strangers, but she loved to watch. It was her hobby, however weird some might find it. And it wasn’t like there wasn’t others like her.

Amanda divided people into two groups. Doers and watchers. Thankfully there was most doers. Made it more exciting for watchers like her.

So as she was pretending to read the book, which she had brought for this exact purpose, she let her eyes wander; trying to find that person, who for some reason stood out. The park was as always full of people, and there were plenty of subjects to choose from.

Today’s subject was an older woman with kind eyes. Amanda hid a smile behind her book. The person had to be a grandmother, she was sure. She just had that something about her. Like she radiated kindness.

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If Only They Weren’t Necessary…

Hi guys!

This week’s update started out as a challenge: Describe a person through the conversation of two other people.



“She needs surgery,” Wilson said the second he stepped inside House’s office.

House gave him an annoyed look from over the top of his book. “Then perhaps,” he suggested drily. “You shouldn’t be in here telling me about it rather than out there scheduling it. I’m your supervisor. Not your nanny.”

“She doesn’t want it.”

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Due Tuesday

As Thomas O’Connell sat with a cup of steaming Earl Grey, and the Sunday Newspaper spread out in front of him; he knew that life had been good to him. Him and his wife Sarah had met when he was but twenty-two and had married a year later. They had been married for just over fifty years, and he still found her as beautiful and kind as when he’d first laid eyes upon her.

They’d gotten three equally beautiful children, who had each gone out and been successful in their own way – Riley as a mother of three, Sam as an environmental lawyer and Tobias as a pilot.

It was just a few years back Thomas quit his job as an architect, which he had loved, and they had enjoyed their golden years ever since.

Yes; life was good when your name was Thomas O’Connell.

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