A Christmas Carol

A/N: Here’s your Christmas special everyone!

Rather than updating something on Friday, it seemed more appropriate for Christmas. Enjoy!

Oscar Matthew had always loved Christmas.

The way the lights twinkled so friendly from the tree. The way the snow fell so softly, covering the world in a white blanket. The way the house smelled of cinnamon. The presents.

Oscar Matthews loved everything there was to love about Christmas.

He was the type of person who started preparing in November. He bought his presents, decorated the house, sang carols long before December had even begone. It drove his girlfriend insane, but Oscar merely grinned when she complained and kissed her.

Oscar Matthews loved Christmas like a little child, so when he got to bed on the twenty-fourth, he could hardly fall asleep for sheer excitement.

He must have fallen asleep eventually though, for when he woke up, he was met with the queerest sight. A sight so odd that he was certain that he surely was still asleep.

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The Three Little Men

A/N: This was a funny story to write, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Rheena Ulv had never really cared much for nature. It wasn‘t that she didn’t think that you needed to protect the environment or anything, but she had just never been the type to stop up and smell the flowers. She’d rather hang out with her friends, maybe catch a game of football, than she wanted to sit and enjoy the sunrise.

Which was why she surprised herself by deciding to take the route through the forest home from practice even though it was actually a bit longer. It was only eight at night, but being winter, the sun had set hours ago, and there was nothing to illuminate her way except the cold lights from the infrequent lampposts, broken more often than not.

It was uncommonly warm for December, and Rheena wondered if she, after all, perhaps should do this more often. The air was crisp and the forest peaceful.

At least until the peace was interrupted by someone’s swearing.

Rheena frowned. She’d never heard such a language outside her online video games, and unable to quench her curiosity she made her way towards the noise.

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Underneath the Bed

A/N: Here’s another short story for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! 

Her name was Lisa Davidson, she was eight years old, and there was a monster underneath her bed.

She knew this to be a fact in the same way that she knew that chocolate tasted good, and you should brush your teeth twice a day. It wasn’t like she’d ever seen it or anything, but it was quite awful at hiding.

For one thing then she could hear it breathe. Quite loudly as well. Actually it sounded like her monster might have a cold. She could also hear it move around under there. Claws were scratching the wooden floors, and she would swear that she once actually heard it sneeze.

Out of sheer habit she almost said bless you.

She’d tried to tell her dad of course. He was the strongest person she knew, and Lisa was sure he’d kick the monster out of their house. But when she’d whispered to him that there was a monster underneath her bed, he’d merely smiled at her and told her that there was no such things as monsters.

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The Evolved Feminism of Disney Princesses

A/N: Okay, this is the very first Academic Essay I’ve put out to the world to see.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, and it’s basically a comparison of the feministic qualities found in Snow White, Belle and Elsa. 


“Within a month, Daisy threw a tantrum, when I tried to wrestle her into pants. As if by osmosis she had learned the names and gown colours of every Disney Princess… She gazed longingly into the tulle-draped windows of the local toy stores and for her third birthday begged for a ‘real princess dress’ with matching plastic high heels” (Orenstein).

Unsurprisingly this representative of a little girl’s adoration for Disney is merely one of many examples, which concerns the popularity of the Disney Princesses, whom are idealized by millions of young girls, and, probably, boys, across the globe. They are in control of monumental impact and influence. One of these influences deals with feminism.

What does the media of Disney teach little girls about what implementations there are to be female? The feminism in the media of the Disney princesses has evolved through the decades, which can be assessed through an analysis of the movies of only three selected Disney princesses; Snow White, Belle and Elsa.

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A/N: Can anyone guess what’s really going on in the text? Comment if you have a suggestion?

Alison Parker entered Eric McMillan’s office with a huff of annoyance.

Eric himself merely looked up with a bored expression on his face, before returning to the paperwork in front of him. Not far from him stood the second half of the law firm McMillan and Vanderbilt, Jack Vanderbilt, who was looking at the impressive skyline of New York City. Alison was sure that Eric himself had never actually stopped an enjoyed the view. That would, after all, demand that he took a break from work.

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