Loved By Death; Chapter 10

A/N: This chapter was very amusing to write, and I hope you guys will also find it amusing to read! Please like or comment! 😉

Demeter wasn’t hard to find. As the goddess of Earth so often did she was spending her time in Persephone’s chamber – without an invitation – and the already enraged goddess became even angrier with the knowledge. Didn’t her mother understand that she had moved out of home for a reason?! How was she supposed to become more independent if Demeter was always, always there!

“Mother!” she hissed as she entered, slamming the door behind her.

“Kore.” Demeter looked reproachfully at her. “I thought I had taught you that you shouldn’t slam the doors like that.”

“You have been spying on me!” Persephone screamed, barely registering her mother’s words.

Demeter sighed. “Kore, now don’t exaggerate so. I’ve been asking someone to keep a eye on you to make sure nothing bad happens to you. It’s hardly spying.”

“That’s exactly what it is!”

“Don’t you raise your voice on me!”

“Or what?! What can you possible do to me that you haven’t already done?! What kind of freedom could you take from me, what kind of restrictions don’t I already have?!”

“That is enough Kore! Don’t act like a little child!”

“Then don’t treat me like one!”

“Enough! You’re grounded! You may leave these chambers when you start acting a bit more mature!”

Persephone stared at her mother in disbelief, before she started laughing resentfully. “Grounded?” she repeated. “Mother, I’m a grown woman. You can’t ground me like a little child. This isn’t your home.”

“As long as you’re my daughter you will do as I say.”

Persephone looked at the woman who was her mother, and for a second she felt pity. Didn’t her mother have a life outside of Persephone herself?

“No, I won’t,” she said calmly. “I’m an adult woman. I’m a married woman. I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and yet you’re watching me like I’m a criminal. For how long exactly have you been spying on me?”

“I’ve merely been watching over you like every mother should!”

“For how long, mother?”

Demeter gave a sour look. “Ever since you were stupid enough to speculate whether or not that thing felt guilt over taking you,” she finally said.

Persephone nodded slowly, not surprised by her mother’s answer.

“Was that why you did it? Because you realised I didn’t see him as a monster in the same way that you did?”

“He had clearly tricked you! And you are too sweet and too naïve to see it!”

“Even if I am so it is only because that you haven’t allowed me to grow up like everybody else!”

“I’m your mother! I know better what is best for you than anyone else.”

“Don’t you even feel guilty?” Persephone asked in shocked rage. “Spying on me as you did?”

Demeter snorted. “Guilty? For looking after you when you’re so clearly unable to do it yourself?! After I’ve seen you talking to him, wondering about him?! I only did what any mother would!”

“Aren’t you even going to apologize?!”

Demeter raised her head defiantly, and suddenly Persephone felt like the parent. “No,” she said proudly, and Persephone snapped.

“No?! What do you mean no?!” Persephone didn’t even have to think about what to say any longer, the words were suddenly just pouring out of her. “If you are not sorry I shall make you so!” she vowed. “I will go to father and tell him what you’ve done. I will no longer accept you in my chambers without an invitation. And I will give you a reason to worry! Perhaps then you would realise you hadn’t one before!”

With these words Persephone stormed out of the room, Demeter’s enraged scream sounding behind her. With a wave of her hand the door behind Persephone was locked, and though she knew Demeter would be able to leave without much effort, it would slow her down a little. Give Persephone a head start.

Rage was pumping through her and she didn’t even have to think. She just acted. It was a heading experience.

“Where is Hades?” she impatiently asked a servant passing by.

“I don’t know,” the servant stammered, before quickly leaving the enraged goddess behind. Any other day Persephone would have felt guilty for frightening him so, but for now she just felt annoyed.

“Oh, for Zeus!” Persephone mumbled, too impatient to go search for her husband. “Hades!” she yelled out, knowing that all the greater Gods would always hear a calling for them.

And within the blink of an eye he stood before her, clad in black and with a dangerous air around him. Persephone didn’t care. All she cared about was her mother and every unjust thing her mother had ever done to her. This was her revenge.

And so she kissed Hades.

A surprised grunt answered her, and Persephone grasped the fabric of his garments to make sure he didn’t run away. Inexperienced she moved her lips against his, wishing she knew how to do kiss properly.

Evidently she did something right for Hades moaned softly, enlightening something inside of Persephone that tickled in the most delicious way. Reaching around his neck she pressed herself closer, the feeling intensifying as she felt his hard body against her own. She didn’t know what this feeling was, but she didn’t it to stop.

She felt Hades’ arms press her yet closer and suddenly his tongue slid across her lips, begging for entrance. So different was it from Ares’ force that she opened her mouth from sheer surprise. Immediately Hades tongue entered her mouth, but it didn’t feel disgusting as it had with Ares. It felt… odd. Like he was starting a fire within her that felt frightening and exhilerating all at once.

Another moan sounded, and Persephone discovered to her surprise that it was her own. Was this lust; this burning of fire through her veins? For the first time she felt as if she might understand her father and his unending search to clench it.

Demeter’s scream brought her back to reality.

Pulling away from Hades, Persephone sent her mother an annoyed glance.

“I was in the middle of something here,” she said with an icy tone she barely recognised as her own.

Demeter made a move to grab her, but suddenly Hades was just there, standing between Persephone and her mother.

Demeter hesitated, but even she wasn’t stupid enough to attack one of the three greatest Gods.

“Come here, Kore!” she commanded instead.

“No, mother. And my name isn’t Kore. It’s Persephone.”

“Come here I said and stop acting like a child!”

“Leave or I shall kiss him again! Spy on me again and I shall go to his bed!”

Demeter gasped. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Are you willing to take the chance? Your control of me stops here. You will not spy on me, you will not come unless invited, you will not treat me like a little child! These are the rules and if you do not follow them I am sure that my husband will help me make you regret it!”

For long seconds Demeter only stared at her daughter, shock evident on her face. “Why are you doing this?” she whispered.

“The question is why I didn’t do it years ago! Now leave!”

Demeter stayed, and so Persephone reached for Hades, turning him around with a tug of her hand. Grasping his face between her hands she reached up, her eyes focused entirely on his mouth.

“Don’t!” Demeter gasped.

“Then leave.”

“Kore, please…”




And finally Demeter left and Persephone felt satisfaction well up in her. She had won. She had finally won, and she was finally free for she had found the card to play that Demeter was defenceless against.

Looking into Hades’ eyes, Persephone realised that she was still holding onto him and let go as if she had been burned, blood rushing to her cheeks.

Looking at him shyly, she felt guilt wash up in her. Here was the man who had said that he was in love with her and she had used him. He probably deserved a lot worse after what he had done to her, but Persephone still couldn’t help feeling guilty as she looked into his dark eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

Hades tilted his head slightly to the side. “Why?” he asked.

“For… for using you like that.”

“I rather enjoyed it.”

“Still, when you are… when I’m not… I shouldn’t have.”

Reaching out Hades grasped her hand. “I am not stupid enough to misunderstand why you kissed me,” he said slowly. “And though I wish the reason was a different one then I very much enjoyed it. Please do not feel the need to apologize.”

Persephone nodded slowly, suddenly unable to look him in the eye any longer.

“What I said…” she began hesitantly and forced herself to look up.

Hades raised an elegant eyebrow. “About coming to my bed? I assume it was an empty threat.”

Persephone nodded, embarrassed. “Don’t tell my mother, though,” she asked him.

Hades grinned at her, looking happier than she had ever seen him. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” he promised her with a wicked glint in his eye, and for just a second he wasn’t her kidnapper, her husband or her revenge – for just a second he was her confidante, and Persephone willingly answered his smile.

“Thank you,” she said and leaned forward. The short kiss on the cheek was a far cry from the earlier one, but this one wasn’t given for the wrong reasons.

“I guess I’ll… see you around,” she said.

“I would very much hope so.”

With a last glance at the happiness evident on his face, Persephone turned around and walked away. Perhaps kissing him had been a mistake.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t been confused enough as it was.

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