Room Without Doors

A/N: Hi everyone! So here’s my first poem. I usually don’t write poetry, but is was actually quite fun and I hope it has kept a bit of the quirkiness I like so much! Enjoy!

Room Without Doors

In a room with no doors,

Sat a man without hope,

On a lone chair, forgotten,

With no plans to elope.

He slowly rocked the chair,

Thinking it so safe and good,

When it suddenly gave out,

And the man, he met the wood.

The floor was hard and vengeful,

And a Devil, He was born,

In the man so forgotten,

He’d never been mourned.

Now the man; he stood straight,

And his back it lost its hunch,

For sometimes you must fall,

To once again be born.

The man he now knew,

What before had been so vague,

No matter how healthy you might live,

You still can catch the plague.

The man had spent his life,

Sitting quietly in a chair,

But beaten as he was,

He knew it was time to dare.

Dare to do the many things,

He’d been too scared to do,

Now the only thing there was to fear,

Was the fear of doing nothing new.

For he could sit and rock his chair,

So rarely fall down,

But what was the fun of rocking,

If you never hit the ground?

No, he was tired of merely sitting,

And watch as life went by,

The man he had to leave and live,

Now it was the time to fly.

But first he had to leave this room,

For the world was just so close,

A world which would be so joyful,

And yet so quite morose.

He was sure there would be tears,

And a laugh for every one,

The man he had spent years just sitting,

And bloody hell, now he was done!

The time had come to make his move,

And leave this room so bare,

So the man he took a breath so deep,

The man he took a dare.

He’d love for sure, if leaving now,

And he’d feel his heart, it breaking,

And he couldn’t wait for either one,

The prospect left him shaking.

But first thing’s first, as it should be,

There was a need to leave,

If trapped in here he’d never try,

To laugh with joy and to grieve.

But there was no doors,

Which seemed quite odd,

For a place with no exits,

Was surely flawed.

But to escape without doors,

Is actually quite simple,

The man; he reached up,

And climbed out the window.

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