She was eaten by zombies.

If she hadn’t been in too much pain to look back, she probably would have wished she’d stayed at home rather than going with her friends to this desolate island. She’d been a member of her schools Paranormal Activity Club, and they’d decided to spent their vacation looking for anything paranormal. Like werewolves and vampires.

Now being slightly scarred by a werewolf would be kind of cool, and being bit by a vampire would be hot as hell. But this?

Death by zombies. Lame. And painful.

And if it had to be zombies of all the paranormal creatures out there – and vampires were so much more in right now – couldn’t it at least had been a zombie like in Warm Bodies? Who would fall madly in love with her and protect her from the others?

But, no; she was eaten by zombies. Gross voodoo-summoned zombies. Terrific.

She discovered surprised that it actually didn’t hurt any longer. She could still feel them gnawing through her skin, but it wasn’t really painful. More like an annoying itch, like when you got a mosquito bite that you so desperately wanted to scratch, but knew you shouldn’t.

And then they stopped biting, stopped gnawing, and actually got off her. Standing up slowly, she looked around, meeting dozens of dead eyes as she did so. They were still surrounding her, and she didn’t wish to aggravate them by running, so she stood still; waiting with them.

Scratching herself, she didn’t feel smooth skin as usual, but instead bloody flesh and even bones. She stopped, horrified. She must look as bad as the creatures surrounding her, but she tried not to dwell on this as she waited.

Then one of the creatures stepped forward; holding clothes of all things. It was grey and tattered just like theirs, and were they really expecting her to dress in that?

But the thought of being forced naked by the zombies – and wouldn’t that had been hot if they’d been vampires? – was even worse, so she willingly shed her new two hundred dollar sweater for the tattered clothes.

She felt oddly stiff. Like just after you wake up in the morning, and your body still feels like it’s sleeping. It was disturbing, but she couldn’t find it in herself to panic.

Her mind felt muddy and disorganized. She couldn’t even remember what she was supposed to do.

Why was she on this island?

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