Dear Santa…

A/N: A poem consisting of an eight-year-old boy’s letter to Santa. 

Dear Santa, I’ve been real good this year, so please send me what I wish for as a gift,

Please dear Santa, don’t send me coal, for I’m not on the Naughty List!

I’ve been brushing my teeth twice a day, and eaten no stolen sweets.

And I’ve been a brave boy, Santa, for it is only twice that I this year have wetted my sheets.

I asked mom to turn the night lamp off, and so I lie there alone in the dark.

But I’m a brave boy now, so worry not, last week I even stood up for Mark!

He’s been teased, and he’s been pushed, and this time I said no more!

And Mark and I are best friends now, of this we together swore.

And I’ve been doing my homework, even the Math, even though it is such a bore,

And I’ve been cleaning my room, and setting the table, and all of my other chores.

I’ve been eating my vegetables without a fail, even though it’s so very gross,

And if this doesn’t put me on the Good Boys List – then am I at least getting close?

So here’s my wish, it’s all I want, if I could only get this one, single thing.

I want my mother’s new boyfriend to hit me no more, for Santa, it hurts and it stings!

It’s painful, and I’m bruising, and he says that I can tell no one.

But Santa, you won’t tell him that I said, so could you just make it over and done?

Dad has told me that he has your address, so I know you’ll get this letter,

And Dad has said he’s sure I’ll get my wish this year, as I’ve been both sweeter and better!

Dad said, I’m sure to get my wish, as long as it doesn’t cost more than is good.

And Santa, my wish cost nothing at all, so is it okay I feel that I should?

For Santa I’ve been such a good boy this year, so please stop this painful strife.

Help me out dear Santa, and I promise you that I will be a good boy for the rest of my life!

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