Wilde Monologue

Hi guys! This weeks post is supposed to be an extract from a nineteenth century novel. I wrote it with the writing of Oscar Wilde in mind – which explains the title.

Glitter stars to whoever can guess the gender and relationship between the two.

The challenge was to write a monologue; meaning everything hereafter is only one person talking. Enjoy!

“I was happy for you – Really; I was!

No, please do not interrupt me. I know better than anyone how bad you struggled, how many obstacles you had to overcome. I know because through every single one of them I was there by your side encouraging you to go on. I laughed with you as you succeeded. And I laughed with you, when all your dreams came true.

But no more. I love you. I always have, and I always will, but I think… But I think I might love the memory of you rather than the actual person you have become. No, do not say you have not changed. Do not lie. Not to me. I have seen you change day for day; feeling powerless to stop it.

Oh, how the mighty may fall!

Are you not the proof of that? How kind you used to be when the world was tough; how generous you seemed when you had nothing. But now the world has blessed you; now you have a fortune at your disposal, and I don’t recognize you any longer; the kindness that you used to be.

Where are my friend? Did he die when your fortune was made? Did he sell his soul for your money? What an awful bargain if this is so.

I must tell you this, I must be honest, for I do not like you blessed.

I loved you, when you struggled, and I loved you when you laughed with your eyes as well as your mouth. I loved you, when you were happy in spite of everything. Now you are miserable in spite of everything, and furious with me for every breath that I take, and every beat of my heart. Do I remind you of worse times? Is that why you detest me so?

I love you, dear friend, but you have abandoned me and left a stranger in your wake, and this is why I now, in this moment, must bid you goodbye.”

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