Loved By Death; Chapter 5

The next morning Persephone woke up well-rested and excited. She’d missed the sun, and though she’d seen it only yesterday, she’d been too preoccupied by her mother to fully appreciate it. Now, however, nothing would stand in the way of basking in the feel of its warm rays on her bare skin.

At least that was what she thought.

“What is that?” Persephone asked in horror, staring at the garment Demeter held up for inspection.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 4

“I was thinking that tomorrow you could come with me as I perform my duties,” Demeter told her daughter with a smile as they had sat down for dinner.

Persephone smiled at her mother. Following Demeter around as her mother made the flowers bloom and the food sprout from the ground had been one of her favourite things to do, when she’d been a child. If Demeter had been in a particularly good mood she would even teach Persephone how to get nature to do her bidding.

“I’d love that!” Persephone cheeped, filled with gratitude that she was once again above ground, where the sun shone and the flowers bloomed.

“And then afterwards Artemis has agreed to come watch you so that I can go talk with your father.”

Persephone’s smile faltered. “Watch me?” she repeated. “Whatever for?”

“Well, it’ll just make me feel safer, dear. Considering what happened the last time that you were alone.”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 3

A/N: Third chapter. Writing these longer things are… odd. Hope that they’re well received though! 🙂

Absence made the heart grow fonder.

It was one of the mortals’ expressions that Persephone had found to be completely true.

She had missed her mother dearly in her time underground. She’d missed her cooking, her company, her hugs, her protection. She’d missed her mother’s unconditional love.

Her mother was just generally a very… mothering kind of person.

But by no longer being separated by Hades’ cruelty, Persephone came to remember that her mother was also very, very annoying.

Mostly it was just that she was being overprotective. Extremely so. And refused to realise that Persephone wasn’t a little child any longer. She was a grown woman, though Demeter refused to acknowledge the fact. Something that was made painfully obvious when Persephone got home to find that her bed had been moved into her mother’s room.

She looked at it in horror. She’d missed her bed with the cotton sheets in a pale yellow, so different from the silken ones she’d been given in the Underworld. She’d looked forward to sleeping in it again, but that was when she’d thought she would also get her own room.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 2

A/N: And the second chapter is done! Please let me know what you thought of it, good or bad. 


That night Hades walked to his wife chambers and sat down next to her as he told her about the outsome of his meeting with her parents. It was clear from her eyes that it was less than she’d hoped for, but also more than she’d feared she would get.

“Five months,” she murmured thoughtfully. “When will I leave?”


The surprise was evident in her face. “So soon?”

“Apparently the time that you’ve already spent here counts.” He hesitated, before reaching out and gently touching her cheek. “I shall miss you,” he told her.

She neither welcomed nor denied his touch. “I shan’t,” she answered.

He smiled bitterly as he looked at his wife, whom he loved so passionately. “I know,” he answered.

She turned her back to him.

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