A/N: The challenge behind this text was to write a poem with of exactly 100 words. Not 99. Not 101. 100 words exactly. Delicious Words.

Delicious. It’s a delicious word, isn’t it?

The drum of your tongue transforming to a snake’s hiss. Delicious.

But the dance of the sounds are nothing compared to the pictures.

Cake. Chocolate. Ice cream melting in your mouth. Delicious.

The mere scent of your mother’s cooking, and you are once again a child.

Sitting impatiently in the kitchen waiting for buns and hot chocolate. Delicious.

There’s so many pictures conjured by three little sounds.

Soft lips. Wet skin. A whispered name. Delicious.

A rose perfume sprayed at her neck.

Burying your face, and whispering a word; delicious.

Everything desired.


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