A Book Review of Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen’s Quiet Rebellion

As you guys might have guessed, I’m quite a fan of Pride and Prejudice, so figured I would share this analysis with you 🙂 It’s entertaining while being more than just a review (though I should mention that I personally found Pride and Prejudice and Zombies quite a let down)

Mie Kjerulff

I love romance, especially romance with strong female characters. This, of course, means that I love, love, lovePride & Prejudice. As I usually read sci-fi and fantasy, my adoration for this novel actually surprised me. Having read it countless times, without ever getting tired of it, I credit Austen’s well-rounded characters. Elizabeth is a bad ass of her time, and is Jane Austen’s quiet rebellion against gender inequality and oppression.

The novel Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, first published in 1813, was initially written between October 1796 and August 1797. Soon after its completion Austen’s father submitted the manuscript for publication under its original title, First Impressions. However the offer was declined.
In the early 1800’s women were expected only to find a husband, reproduce and serve her family. Politics and careers were considered men’s business. The then recent aftermath of the French Revolution had England…

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3 thoughts on “A Book Review of Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen’s Quiet Rebellion

  1. This is the novel that sits on my top list and yet to be toppled down! I usually describe it as a complete course in almost anything. Be it a full course wonderful dinner or a full course of adventurous vacation. Pride and Prejudice is just in a different level for me! 😀

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  2. I always enjoy reading book reviews because each person has a different vision and expresses that vision in a different way as well. I recently read the review of this same book on the blog “the crazy literatório” by Enrique Rodrigues (check out his review) and I had a different impression of the book, which made me post a rs text. He does an analysis of the book and exposes his opinion based on his own experience but does not say whether he liked the book or not and that has greatly influenced readers who have not yet read the book. His review was very positive, I liked it.

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