A/N: Can anyone guess what’s really going on in the text? Comment if you have a suggestion?

Alison Parker entered Eric McMillan’s office with a huff of annoyance.

Eric himself merely looked up with a bored expression on his face, before returning to the paperwork in front of him. Not far from him stood the second half of the law firm McMillan and Vanderbilt, Jack Vanderbilt, who was looking at the impressive skyline of New York City. Alison was sure that Eric himself had never actually stopped an enjoyed the view. That would, after all, demand that he took a break from work.

“May I help you, ms. Parker?” Jack asked with an easy smile. Jack was the charismatic of them, and Alison was quite aware why he was the one, who was usually dealing with the clients.

“Brent Haven,” she said as if that explained everything.

“Ah, young Mr. Haven,” Jack said. “Quite an unfortunate situation he’s found himself in, isn’t it?”

“Unfortunate situation? There was a dead hooker in his bedroom. That constitutes far more than merely an unfortunate situation.”

Jack merely smiled. ”A strapping young man in a situation easily misunderstood.”

“It’s remarkable so many of those situations he’s found himself in,” Alison remarked drily. “Even more remarkable is the fact that his father’s money has gotten him out of every single one of them.”

Eric looked up with an annoyed look across his bulldog-looking face. “Don’t forget that we represent him,” he warned her. “It’s the opposite side, who’s fighting to get him in jail.”

Alison looked at Jack. “I’m tired of helping crooks get away with everything they want. This wasn’t why I studied the law.”

“Ridiculous,” Eric murmured, but as usual Jack seemed unfaced.

“Ms. Parker is merely an idealist,” he noted. “Just like the two of us, when we were her age.”

Eric snorted. “You’re still just barely not her age.”

Jack winked at Alison, before answering. “Thankfully.” His next words were directed at Alison. “I know Mr. Haven isn’t a particularly pleasant person, but do try to get you personal feelings out of the way.”

Alison made of move to argue, before sighing rejected. “Yes, sir,” she muttered, not missing the way his eyes sparkled with amusement over hearing her call him sir.

“I’ll do my best,” she promised, but was painfully aware how difficult it would really be.

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