It’s taxing, exhausting, a wrecking of my nerves,

It’s hard, and it’s tough, and no more than I deserve.

For as I look back on all of my mistakes,

I realise that hard work is how I them repay.

So I struggle now, to make up for the past,

For I am determined to right my wrongs at long last.



Few things are as hard

As choices, you need to make,

For whatever you may choose,

Doubts will follow in its wake.


You can only pick one,

And forever you will wonder,

Did I make the right choice?

Or was it all a huge blunder?


So choose your choice now,

And forget your distress.

For in the end all you can do,

Is to hope for the best.



When your world is tipped upside down.

And all you knew has gone and turned around.

When all the praises bestowed, turned into a frown.

And you were given a ring of thorns in place of a crown.


Adjust. Or perish. The choice is yours.

Are you giving into illness? Or searching for cures?