Ask the dying man the value of a year,

For he is the one who’ll know.

A year will buy him time to make amends,

To make friends of all his foes.


And for the value of an hour, you need only ask,

The boy who took a chance.

He went to the girl he loved and told her so,

Began their future romance.


The value of a second is easily seen,

When you watch the woman who barely missed,

The falling object that would have struck her dead,

She avoided her name on Death’s long list.


For the value of time is ever-changing indeed.

The time most valuable; is the time you need.








Suzy is a greedy girl,

Who always wants some more.

Forever a new toy, never the old,

The old is such a bore.


Tommy is getting quite so big,

He never did say no.

Cake and sweets and apple pies,

In his mouth; they go.


Anna is a greedy kid,

Who always gets so cross.

When she isn’t the one in charge,

For Anna is the boss.


Mary has a thousand books,

All so pretty on her shelf.

And she has read every single one,

Even the ones she wrote herself.


And in the end, don’t we all?

Have wants we can’t ignore?

For we humans are a greedy bunch,

It makes us strive for more.










They say that a minute

In a lover’s embrace

Passes like a second

A heartbeat might outpace.


They say that a minute,

With your finger to the flame

Is like days and hours passing

As you’re only feeling pain.


I say now that a minute

Feels like many years combined

When on the phone you hear a voice

Saying you’re next in line.



Home and Away

If I’m home in my town, I’ll grow bored,

Seeing the same bloody thing every day.


So I go out in the world and I see what it offers,

And for a while, all is okay.


Then I’ll miss the things, the friends, I left behind,

And I’ll fly home again with the next plane.


And there I’ll be, so very content,

Till I grow bored and restless again.