The Terror of Trump

A/N: The Terror of Trump. This is a highly subjective article, and please do take this into consideration. 

There are many different kinds of presidential candidates for the upcoming selection, but most often the choice is really between two. Whoever the democratic party picks and whoever is picked by the republican party. The democratic party can still go both ways regarding Hillary vs. Bernie, but I believe that the republican party has already made its decision. They just haven’t gone public with it yet.

If they do pick, who I as well as millions of others believe they will pick, they have picked someone, who’s a compulsive liar. He’s ignorant, a racist, talks down to women and is basically a bully.

He’s Donald Trump, and I still cringe when I consider him the next president of the United States.

Funnily enough – though not really – one of the things the voters for Trump say about him is that he tells the truth. He says it like it is, and doesn’t hide behind political correctness. He speaks plainly and honestly. But does he really?

Donald Trump actually “won” the PolitiFact’s award for Lie of the Year. 75% of what Donald Trump says has been deemed untrue. It’s not even hard to check if you don’t believe me. Just find Donald Trump on Twitter and read some a his tweets. As you go backwards in his history you will see him mention names of people, whom he later claims not to know who is. You’ll see him making statements regarding something, which he five months earlier said the exact opposite of.

I believe that most politicians lie. It’s almost part of the job description. A sad truth, but the way it is. What scares me is the ease in which Donald Trump lies, even when it’s so easily proven that he’s not telling the truth. He isn’t scared of being found out. Whenever he tells a lie, his voice is completely relaxed. He doesn’t feel guilty, and I’m scared that he actually believes what he’s saying. I’m scared that Donald Trump believes that what he says actually changes reality.

Do we really want a president, who doesn’t know the line between fantasy and reality?

He’s also ignorant. Donald Trump is a businessman, who thinks being a president is going to be like running a really big business. But a country isn’t a business. A country isn’t merely about making a profit. It’s about making a future. A future, which can be hard to see when your eyes are covered with little dollar signs. Donald Trump has little to no experience with politics, and has no idea what it means to be less fortunate.

Donald Trump can’t understand the economic problems of the average American, because he has never had them. Donald Trump has never had to worry about student loans. He’s never been a single father or had to struggle himself out of a hard environment.

He think he has. He believes he has made it on his own. After all; his father only gave him a “small” loan of a million dollar. My own father has offered to give me a loan to help pay for my education. It will most likely be a lot closer to ten thousand dollars, and I believe it far from a little loan. Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but doesn’t seem to realise it.

Donald Trump has furthermore said a lot of racist things in his presidential campaign. He seems to believe America would become great again if only they got rid of all the Muslims. It’s not a new way of thinking; this believing that one religious group is the cause of all the problems. The most well-known case is the one with Hitler and the Jews. It often seems as if Trump is one step away from starting the next holocaust, and it’s frightening how much support he has.

He believes that Mexico is sending thieves, murderers and rapists over the boarders. And why does he believe this? Because a guard on the boarder told him. After all; that couldn’t possibly just have been that one guards opinion, could it? Do we really want a president, who’ll apparently believe anything the common man tells him as long as what he’s telling him is what Trump wants to hear?

And what is his solution to this problem? Build a wall. Another well-known method of Hitler’s.

His disrespect for women is also well-documented. During an interview he once told the reporter that the only reason she had the job was because she was pretty. It seems that Donald Trump simply doesn’t have the basic intelligence to understand that fifty percent of the potential voters are women.

It’s not the first time in my life I have, in some manner, met a Donald Trump. I recognize him in the child in school, who called some other boy a pussy or a fag. I recognize him from interviews with compulsive liars, who has to know that their lie must be found out.

He’s a bully, he’s a racist and he’s leading the race to become the republicans party’s choice for the next President of the United States.

A terrifying thought, indeed.

4 thoughts on “The Terror of Trump

  1. First of all, “A country isn’t merely about making a profit. It’s about making a future.” GURL, AMEN!

    Second of all, I have a rule that I do not comment on anything political – at least not online – but Trump is the exception to that rule. When he says, he wants to “make America great again” it seems like he wants to take the country back to the 1930s (or 1800s depending on his mood). Anyone is allowed to have their opinion but I strongly believe that anyone who is not a white, rich, christian, straight male should be worried about Trump.

    Great post, honey! 💖 💖

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  2. If anyone is interested in a more optimistic view of the same issue – aka why Bernie Sanders is a good candidate rather than why Donald Trump is a bad one, you might want to check out:

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