A/N: Another short poem, but I am however working on a longer piece (cirka 15 pages), if anyone prefers my short stories. 


Time to study.

Time to stress.

Time to work.

To get success.

Time to worry.

Time to drink.

Time to forget.

No time to think.

Time to regret.

Time to doubt.

Now time for love.

But time ran out.

22 thoughts on “Time

  1. Concisely encompasses what people of the modern era face. We have to put in time into all the other stuff – work, study, gaining success, dealing with hardships through some relaxant or pleasure-source (drinking, eating, etc) – but in turn, we avoid thinking and loving, which we could probably use a lot more of. But then again, when it comes to thinking, it depends. Thinking may make us realise how bad our situation is and so numbing that ability may be necessary to go on without crashing. But love, that’s become secondary now. And sometimes we end up pushing those who love us the most away in the bargain.

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  2. If we watch the clock, we miss out on much in life; if we don’t pay attention to the clock, it slips by before we know it. I guess the lesson is to balance our time. Nicely done!

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