Loved By Death; Chapter 22

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Looking at her husband with curious eyes, Persephone wondered if he had truly changed or if it was merely her perspective of him that had. But Hades did appear more relaxed as he was sitting in front of the fire in her room, having just finished dinner with her. His eyes were partly closed and a little smile was playing on his lips. He seemed happy, and Persephone couldn’t recall him ever looking like that during her months underground.

“You look happy,” she said, stating her thoughts, and Hades lazily opened his eyes to look at her.

“I am happy,” he said.

“But you didn’t use to be,” she wondered out loud, because he’d always seemed so tense, so in control.

“My wife used to hate me,” he said as an answer, and Persephone gaped at him, not having realised that perhaps her changed attitude was what had changed his mood.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 21

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Deciding to get revenge over someone and actually getting it quickly proved to be two vastly different things. Persephone decided to start by figuring out exactly how long Hermes was going to take this charade, and so she invited him to dinner.

They’d had eaten together before, and Persephone had until now thought they they’d had a good time together. They’d joked around, and it hurt to have realised that Hermes had only viewed their time together as a means to an end. Today’s dinner, however, was going to be different.

Preparing for it took far longer than Persephone had anticipated, and she wondered how Aphrodite did this sort of thing on a regular basis. At least she assumed that the older goddess did such things for Ares. Dinner was sent for and candles were lit until Persephone felt that it was a sufficiently seducing atmosphere for what she had planned. She dressed in a red dress with a deep cut, and lined her eyes with Kohl. Though Hermes had made her feel like a little girl, she would never let him know it.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 20

Walking to her mother’s cottage, Persephone found herself smiling, lost in pleasant thoughts of touches and kisses. She didn’t notice the butterflies nor the flowers, both of which multiplied in numbers the closer she got her mother’s home. Why notice a garden that she already knew as intimately as she possibly could? There wasn’t a square feet of ground that her mother hadn’t made her weed back when she still lived at home.

And it wasn’t like it’d been necessary. A couple of whispered words to the ground, and there wouldn’t grow a single plant that they had not allowed there. But apparently weeding kept young girls from thinking bad thoughts. At least that was the explanation that she’d gotten from her mother. Persephone rather thought that she’d just recently learned exactly what kind of bad thoughts her mother had tried to avoid.

Persephone herself hadn’t done any gardening in weeks. It wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy it, but now she had books, and she had gossip and fun and Hades. None of which were things that her mother would have allowed if only she’d been capable of forbidding them.

Nowadays Persephone did an awful lot of things that she didn’t use to be allowed to do. Such as kissing. Blushing, Persephone wondered how kissing could have felt so awful with Ares and yet so very, very nice with Hades.

Her life was good, she decided as she closed her eyes to better enjoy the sun‘s gentle touch on her face. Her husband adored her, she only saw her mother a couple of times a week, and she had found a truly good and scandalous friend in Hermes. Life was good.

“You’ve made no progress whatsoever!”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 19

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“Because I’m trying to figure out if you’re hard or not!”

Hades stared at her, and Persephone could feel the seconds ticking away. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

“What?” he finally whispered, and Persephone cringed. It seemed like she was about to have the most awkward conversation of a lifetime.

“I meant… I was just…. I’d heard,” she stammered, looking anywhere but in his eyes.

“You had heard what?”

“That you’re dead. In the from-the-waist-down kind of way.” Never before had Persephone been so fascinated by the ground between her feet.

“And you wanted to… check?”

Persephone merely nodded, too embarrassed to speak.

“I… see.”

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