Yet Another Special Day

A/N: I actually wrote something! Even though it wasn’t particularly long… but write it I did!

“Today’s the day,” Matilda announced.

“Today’s the day for what?” Jerry asked.

“I’m not sure,” Matilda said. “But surely it must be the day for something?”

Jerry merely yawned. By now he was getting pretty used to Matildas eccentricities. “It could be the day for doing nothing?” he suggested. A nap did sound nice.

Matilda sent him a withering look. “No. Today’s something special. It has to be.”


“Because yesterday wasn’t.”

Jerry groaned. “That’s hardly a reason,” he argued, thinking the desired nap sounded less and less likely. Not that he’d expected anything less.

“What could possibly be a better reason than that?”

Jerry sighed and gave up. With Matilda it was easier to just give in. “Okay, then. What is today then?”

Matilda seemed to mull it over for a few seconds.

“Today’s the day we learn to fly.”

“You want to take flying lessons?”

“No, I really want to sprout wings. But I guess one needs to know one’s limits.”

Jerry snorted. He was surprised that she even knew the word. Today might simply be flying lessons, but he never forgot the time Matilda decided that they should learn Gaelic. Or the time she convinced him to go skydiving with her. And he was too scared to even think about the time where she decided that she could tame an alligator.

But still he couldn’t help but smile as he looked at his girlfriend’s determined face. Before he met Matilda he’d been… boring. There really was no other word for it. He’d worked for twelve hours a day and slept for eight. The remaining four had been used in front of the television.

But ever since he’d met Matilda, his life had been exiting. Admittedly also terrifying and bound to send him to an early grave, but exiting nonetheless.

His life had been about killing time even though he hadn’t realised it at the time, and suddenly she’d just been there, kissing him despite him being a complete and utter stranger. Matilda made the minutes count. Not all of them were good. Some of them were scary or exhausting, and a few even a threat to his life, but every damn minute counted.

He’d never looked back.

One thought on “Yet Another Special Day

  1. A/N reply: Well done!

    I can relate to Jerry a bit. My life was a bit dull before I met my SO. Since then I’ve experienced peaks and valleys waaay higher and lower than I thought possible. It’s been awesome. ^_^


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