The Monster

Short, powerful piece by horror-writer Jesse Dwight.

Jesse Dwight

With his fork, Daniel pushed around the food on his plate. For some reason it felt necessary for him to do some kind of movement, even though sitting completely still would probably have been the safer choice. The monster often seemed unable to see him if he wasn’t moving.

“You aren’t eating?” his father grunted and leaned uncomfortably close to Daniel in a way that just made him want to move back and away from him. Daniel shook his head, still without looking up.

“You’re supposed to answer when someone’s talking to you, kid.”

“I’m not hungry,” Daniel whispered and prayed that somehow, he’d be excused from the table and that they could leave it at that.

“You better eat what you’ve put on your plate. I paid for that shit, so you better fucking eat it,” the old man finally moved away and turned his attention to his own…

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