Insanely Attractive or Frightening & Repulsive


Today’s update was a challenge from school! Describe someone as Insanely Attractive, and Frightening and Repulsive. If you have any thought of the main character or the story in general, please don’t hesitate to comment! Enjoy! 😉

Amanda was currently doing one of her most favourite things in the world. People watching. She had always been a shy girl, who didn’t find it easy to talk to strangers, but she loved to watch. It was her hobby, however weird some might find it. And it wasn’t like there wasn’t others like her.

Amanda divided people into two groups. Doers and watchers. Thankfully there was most doers. Made it more exciting for watchers like her.

So as she was pretending to read the book, which she had brought for this exact purpose, she let her eyes wander; trying to find that person, who for some reason stood out. The park was as always full of people, and there were plenty of subjects to choose from.

Today’s subject was an older woman with kind eyes. Amanda hid a smile behind her book. The person had to be a grandmother, she was sure. She just had that something about her. Like she radiated kindness.

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