Little Fellow

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Jack whined softly as he was rummaging through some garbage of a nearby restaurant. There was little. Too little. A few slices of meat. Gone in a second. And he was still hungry.

It seemed like he’d been hungry forever. The Jack Russell Terrier could hardly remember a time when he hadn’t been starving. He knew there had been a time, a long time ago. Back when he’d been Camillas pet, and she’d fed him whatever food she’d been able to sneak off the table without her father noticing. One day, however, he had noticed, and he’d been furious. He’d screamed at Camilla, and had kicked Jack, before stomping on his paw. Jack still wasn’t able to lean on it, months after, and had to limp everywhere. Which was far from ideal when there was little food and harsh competition.

Jack knew he wouldn’t last forever. He was too small, too weak to survive on his own, and every day had been an uphill battle. When the Great Cold came he would die.

He thought back on Camilla. She’d been a sweet girl, and he desperately hoped she was all right. She would have protected him, he knew, if only she had been able. He wished he could see her one last time. She’d known just the perfect place to scratch him under his ear. He whined longingly at the thought.

Perhaps it’d be better if he just stopped eating all together. There was nothing for him to look forward to except starvation, pain and coldness.

He whimpered again, but stopped suddenly when he realised he wasn’t the only one. Jacks ears stood up, alert. Where had it come from? There! He limped himself over as fast as he could. The sight awaiting him there made him freeze in shock.

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Guardian Angels

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Here’s finally a new story, I hope you’ll all enjoy!

It didn’t take long for Haley to find out that adults were in fact quite stupid. This included her parents. She still loved them, of course, but sometimes she couldn‘t help but worry about them. They seemed so engrossed in themselves it appeared they simply didn’t see the world around them at all.

The worst part was that she was pretty sure they thought that she was the unintelligent one. Just because she was three. It was judgemental, plain and simple. How come it was illegal to differentiate between men and women, straight and gay, but it was okay for people to assume she was stupid just because she was three? It was wrong. Especially when she was so much smarter than them. Or, at the very least, not so unfathomable blind. There was so much they didn’t see.

Like guardian angels for instance.

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The Three Little Men

A/N: This was a funny story to write, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Rheena Ulv had never really cared much for nature. It wasn‘t that she didn’t think that you needed to protect the environment or anything, but she had just never been the type to stop up and smell the flowers. She’d rather hang out with her friends, maybe catch a game of football, than she wanted to sit and enjoy the sunrise.

Which was why she surprised herself by deciding to take the route through the forest home from practice even though it was actually a bit longer. It was only eight at night, but being winter, the sun had set hours ago, and there was nothing to illuminate her way except the cold lights from the infrequent lampposts, broken more often than not.

It was uncommonly warm for December, and Rheena wondered if she, after all, perhaps should do this more often. The air was crisp and the forest peaceful.

At least until the peace was interrupted by someone’s swearing.

Rheena frowned. She’d never heard such a language outside her online video games, and unable to quench her curiosity she made her way towards the noise.

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Underneath the Bed

A/N: Here’s another short story for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! 

Her name was Lisa Davidson, she was eight years old, and there was a monster underneath her bed.

She knew this to be a fact in the same way that she knew that chocolate tasted good, and you should brush your teeth twice a day. It wasn’t like she’d ever seen it or anything, but it was quite awful at hiding.

For one thing then she could hear it breathe. Quite loudly as well. Actually it sounded like her monster might have a cold. She could also hear it move around under there. Claws were scratching the wooden floors, and she would swear that she once actually heard it sneeze.

Out of sheer habit she almost said bless you.

She’d tried to tell her dad of course. He was the strongest person she knew, and Lisa was sure he’d kick the monster out of their house. But when she’d whispered to him that there was a monster underneath her bed, he’d merely smiled at her and told her that there was no such things as monsters.

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“It’s your fault.” The voice cut through the crisp autumn air as a surgeon’s scalpel.

Grace wondered if she could just pretend that she hadn’t heard anything and leave. But people were swarming around the little church, now that the deceased had been driven away, and the last thing that Grace wanted was a scene.

“Nicole,” she said before turning around and facing her accuser.

“If it hadn’t been for you he’d still be alive.”

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Good Enough

A/N: This story was a practice to create a story, where we were to freeze down a moment in time. Enjoy!

Ever since the first time she met him, it had always seemed like she was running.

It had been love at first sight, how corny that may sound. He’d looked at her with clear, blue eyes and a crooked grin, and Rose had been sold. Just like that he became the centre of her universe, and she became the nerdy little sister of his on-and-off girlfriend.

She pretty quickly realized she wasn’t good enough for him. He was handsome, smart, successful. And what was she? A bore, that was what she was.

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Due Tuesday

As Thomas O’Connell sat with a cup of steaming Earl Grey, and the Sunday Newspaper spread out in front of him; he knew that life had been good to him. Him and his wife Sarah had met when he was but twenty-two and had married a year later. They had been married for just over fifty years, and he still found her as beautiful and kind as when he’d first laid eyes upon her.

They’d gotten three equally beautiful children, who had each gone out and been successful in their own way – Riley as a mother of three, Sam as an environmental lawyer and Tobias as a pilot.

It was just a few years back Thomas quit his job as an architect, which he had loved, and they had enjoyed their golden years ever since.

Yes; life was good when your name was Thomas O’Connell.

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Writer’s Retreat

Laura Wessels had worked on her book for eight years now. Eight long years. She had seven pages.

It just always seemed like there was so much to do, and her writing was never prioritized. There was always work, or her husband, or her children, and so her computer slowly collected dust. Even when she tried there was just so much noise. Screaming, complaining, laughter, music. It was impossible to concentrate when the outer world was screaming for you to come back.

So when she heard about the Writer’s Retreat it seemed perfect. A quiet place, where phones were forbidden, and she could write in peace. In theory is seemed quite simple. A hotel, where you could either stay for free or give a little in support, without Wi-Fi or television. Anything really, which could distract you. It sounded perfect. Exactly what she needed.

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Quite Unremarkable

Emma Green was the type of girl, nothing weird ever happened to, and it was highly unlikely anything ever would. Not that she was dissatisfied by this. Quite the opposite in fact. She was perfectly happy to live life without frightening adventures or weird happenings.

Yes, she decided as she stirred her morning coffee, shifting through the Sunday Newspaper. Life was quite satisfying just the way it was.

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