Loved By Death; Chapter 4

“I was thinking that tomorrow you could come with me as I perform my duties,” Demeter told her daughter with a smile as they had sat down for dinner.

Persephone smiled at her mother. Following Demeter around as her mother made the flowers bloom and the food sprout from the ground had been one of her favourite things to do, when she’d been a child. If Demeter had been in a particularly good mood she would even teach Persephone how to get nature to do her bidding.

“I’d love that!” Persephone cheeped, filled with gratitude that she was once again above ground, where the sun shone and the flowers bloomed.

“And then afterwards Artemis has agreed to come watch you so that I can go talk with your father.”

Persephone’s smile faltered. “Watch me?” she repeated. “Whatever for?”

“Well, it’ll just make me feel safer, dear. Considering what happened the last time that you were alone.”

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Loved By Death; Chapter 3

A/N: Third chapter. Writing these longer things are… odd. Hope that they’re well received though! 🙂

Absence made the heart grow fonder.

It was one of the mortals’ expressions that Persephone had found to be completely true.

She had missed her mother dearly in her time underground. She’d missed her cooking, her company, her hugs, her protection. She’d missed her mother’s unconditional love.

Her mother was just generally a very… mothering kind of person.

But by no longer being separated by Hades’ cruelty, Persephone came to remember that her mother was also very, very annoying.

Mostly it was just that she was being overprotective. Extremely so. And refused to realise that Persephone wasn’t a little child any longer. She was a grown woman, though Demeter refused to acknowledge the fact. Something that was made painfully obvious when Persephone got home to find that her bed had been moved into her mother’s room.

She looked at it in horror. She’d missed her bed with the cotton sheets in a pale yellow, so different from the silken ones she’d been given in the Underworld. She’d looked forward to sleeping in it again, but that was when she’d thought she would also get her own room.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 2

A/N: And the second chapter is done! Please let me know what you thought of it, good or bad. 


That night Hades walked to his wife chambers and sat down next to her as he told her about the outsome of his meeting with her parents. It was clear from her eyes that it was less than she’d hoped for, but also more than she’d feared she would get.

“Five months,” she murmured thoughtfully. “When will I leave?”


The surprise was evident in her face. “So soon?”

“Apparently the time that you’ve already spent here counts.” He hesitated, before reaching out and gently touching her cheek. “I shall miss you,” he told her.

She neither welcomed nor denied his touch. “I shan’t,” she answered.

He smiled bitterly as he looked at his wife, whom he loved so passionately. “I know,” he answered.

She turned her back to him.

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Loved By Death; Chapter 1

A/N: Okay, for the first time I have actually decided to write something longer, which means that it will be split up. This is the first part of my story Loved By Death, a fanfiction of the myth of Hades and Persephone.

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Ironically enough it was Demeter who finally got Persephone to forgive her husband.

When Hades had first taken her, Persephone had been furious. How dared he to grab her off the ground as if she was some mere mortal? She was a goddess, daughter of two out of the six Originals. She was the goddess of Spring, born by the goddess of the Earth and sired by the King of Gods and Ruler of the Sky. She wasn’t some man’s mere plaything.

It hadn’t helped much to realise that she wasn’t there to please Hades. At least in that way. No, instead she found that the King of the Underworld, Ruler of Death, had fallen in love with her, however ludicrous the thought might be. He hadn’t taken her in order to force her to share his bed. He took her with the plan to marry her, to make her Queen of the Underworld.

But still, Persephone was furious. She screamed and raged, cried and did everything in her power to make him miserable. Every gift that he sent her was either sent back unopened or only reluctantly accepted, every plea to talk went unanswered. She refused to eat or to let him show her around her new home. Instead she barricaded herself in her new rooms, ignoring him and his many attempts to reach her. He tried persuasion, anger and finally pleading, but the Lord of the Underworld was unable to make his own wife speak a single word to him.

Persephone wanted her husband to be miserable and she succeeded immensely well.

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Scotch, Straight Up

A/N: Another OUAT fanfic, which really became thrice as long as originally planned. Oh well. Belle is a bartender, Gold her costumer, and I have no regrets. Enjoy! 

“Scotch, straight up,” the brusque voice ordered and Belle willingly turned around with a cheery smile. She was used to rude costumers, and truth be told they didn’t bother her much. It was the insistent ones that meant trouble. The ones that had trouble understanding a no.

“Here you go, sir,” she said handing over the drink with another smile. The man merely grunted and handed her a fifty.

“I want the change back,” he told her. “All of it.”

“Of course, sir.” Belle watched the man with interest. A slight man, who somehow seemed bigger than he really was, somewhere in his early fifties. To her own surprise she felt herself physically attracted to him despite the fact that he was nothing like the men she usually took notice of. Not that she would go after this one. Not only had it been so long that Belle was half convinced that she’d forgotten how to flirt, but the man himself had showed no sign of a personality she would like to get to know. Still, she was a bartender, the man was her only costumer on a Tuesday night, and her job was as much to listen as it was to serve drinks.

“You look like you need an ear,” she said symphathetically with another easy smile.

The man merely grunted. “I don’t.”

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A Second Chance

A/N: Yet another Rumplestiltskin/Belle story. Pure fluff. I do love them!

We’re pregnant.”

And just like that his life was changed.

“What?” He must have misheard. Please Gods, please have let him misheard.

“We’re pregnant,” Belle said again and gave him a hesitant smile. She was happy about this, he could see. Her eyes were shining, and even though there was something fragile in her smile, something scared, his little Belle was being as brave as ever.

Unlike him.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been a father, and the first time it had, at first, seemed to come naturally to him. He’d fed Bae, changed him, played with him, comforted him, but when it had come down to it he hadn’t been able to protect him, and his son had died. Because of him. Because he was an awful father just like he was trying so desperately hard not to be an awful husband to Belle.

“I’m so sorry,” he apologized. This was his fault. He should have been more careful. He should have protected them better. “Belle, I’m so sorry.” Belle was kind. Too kind to leave him for knocking her up.

“I’m not,” she said, catching his hand in both of hers. “I’m just sorry that you seem to be.”

“Belle, you deserve a better father for your child than me.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Who could possibly be a better father for my child than my husband? Whom I love? What’s really bothering you, Rumple?”

That he was a terrible father. Couldn’t she see that? His first son had died. He’d promised to protect him, but in the end he hadn’t, and so he’d died and it was all his fault. But Belle wouldn’t understand this. She’d tell him that it wasn’t his fault, that he wasn’t to blame. Rumple, however, knew the truth.

He’d had the chance to start over, to create a new life with his son, but he’d picked power over his own family, and his son had left without him. And Rumple had let him. He avoided Belle’s searching gaze. He might be powerful now. People might fear him, but underneath it all he was still the scared little spinner, who bent the head and begged for mercy. He was a disgrace, and he’d fought for years for Belle not to see that.

Except that she had. She’d seen him at his worst. She’d seen him grovel, beg for mercy. She’d seen him scared and crying and yelling. She’d seen how the power he cloaked himself in was nothing but a coward’s desperate lie. Belle had seen all of this and she still thought he would be a good husband. She had still said I Do.

He looked up and met her gaze. His brave Belle. Despite everything she might say, Rumple knew that he was a coward, but maybe Belle had bravery enough for both of them.

Do the brave thing and bravery will follow.

He gave her a forced smile. “You’re going to be a wonderful mother,” he told her. He was still sure that he was going to be an awful father, just as he’d turned out to be the first time, but by the Gods he would try to do better this time. This time he’d do right by the people he loved.

Pride and Prejudice

A miss Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy were to be married; yet no one knew the bride.

But the groom had learned not to care as he stared into the lively eyes of his bride.

Caused by her equally lively temperament and slight impertinence, he was sure.

Darcy wondered if he’d ever stop adoring those eyes.

Elizabeth, called Lizzie, was equally indifferent to the whispers of society.

Forbidden from marrying him by his aunt, she’d refused to bend as asked.

Glad couldn’t begin to describe the euphoria she felt over this moment of the past.

Her happiness had indeed been heavily invested in during that impertinent conversation.

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If Only They Weren’t Necessary…

Hi guys!

This week’s update started out as a challenge: Describe a person through the conversation of two other people.



“She needs surgery,” Wilson said the second he stepped inside House’s office.

House gave him an annoyed look from over the top of his book. “Then perhaps,” he suggested drily. “You shouldn’t be in here telling me about it rather than out there scheduling it. I’m your supervisor. Not your nanny.”

“She doesn’t want it.”

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