Erasure Poem 1

Hi guys! Haven’t posted in a while, have I? Sorry about that!

Here’s an erasure poem created using the following four texts: Short Walk on Sleep Stones by Anne Carson, Harbour by Michael Ondaatje, the Orphan Lamb by Amy Hempel and the Deck by Yusef Komunyakaa.

Three of the chosen texts were pretty sad, so I wanted to subvert them and get something life-affirming out of them! Anyway, here’s the result:

  I am living at night.
 It is real life. It is sincere.
 I sing and I love.
 Dancing at they wait. 
 Anonymity and seduction. 
 His body over mine. 
 Like old lovers guessing each other’s move. 
 With as much euphoria as we can expect from the living.