A Wonder by S.M. Bednarz

A/N:This post is about my thoughts about the stanza structure of a chosen poem. The poem I’ve chosen is A Wonder by S.M. Bednarz. See the poem underneath. I have in no way contributed to the making of this poem, and you can find more free writing of the author on the following website:


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The Devious Trash Can by S.M. Bednarz

A/N: This is a review of one of the scenes in the prose poem The Devious Trash Can by S.M. Bednarz. The first part of this text is his work, and I am in no way creditable for it. If you’re interested in anything else of his writing you can find it for free at: 


The Poem The Devious Trash Can: 

I wonder what it’s like to be a trash can. A can of trash. It’s standing to my right. As I write this I can only make its crimson colour out of my peripheral vision but that’s enough to keep tabs on it. And I can’t help but wonder. Of course the obvious reaction is to feel disguised, to feel used by mostly everyone, who past. Am I talking about what it’s like to be used for trash?

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