Still Waiting…

The park bench was empty. Good. It was funny how he hadn‘t even considered what he’d do if someone else had sat there. With a nervous movement Robert glanced down on his watch. It was half past one. They were supposed to meet at two, but he’d gotten here early. He couldn’t help himself.

His body hurt so weirdly as he sat down. Apparently he’d trained harder yesterday than he’d realised. He wondered if she would be early as well.

Her name was Daisy, and she was without a doubt the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid his eyes on. Sure, Delia, whom all the boys chased after, was more classical beautiful with her full lips and the body of a temptress, but there was something about Daisy which made Delia pale in comparison. Robert had spent countless hours trying to figure out what exactly made Daisy different than all the other skirts he’d chased.

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